Crew Control Shift Lead (Internal)

  • Full-time
  • Crew Resources
  • Riga, Latvia

One way to advance your career in the aviation industry is by transitioning to a pivotal role as a Crew Control Shift Lead. Crew Control Shift Leads play a critical role in overseeing and managing the daily crew operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of flight crew and ground staff to maintain the highest standards of safety, customer service, and performance.

As a Crew Control Shift Lead, you will be responsible for coordinating crew assignments, schedules, and tasks. You will ensure that the team adheres to safety protocols, and respond effectively to operational issues and emergencies. Your leadership and guidance will be instrumental in maintaining and exceeding the company's objectives and performance standards.


  • You will supervise all Crew Control operations daily work;
  • You will ensure that crew Control Officer work is divided equally and performed in a timely manner according to all agreements with clients;
  • You will ensure that Crew activities are scheduled in a timely, efficient, and effective manner and according to SmartLynx Airlines Operations Manual Part A;
  • You will ensure that local procedures are followed;
  • You will check flight coverage for the next 72 hours period;
  • You will follow Crew's legal flight duty and rest periods in accordance with OM- A Chapter 7;
  • Take corrective action immediately, if crew FDP and/or rest period is illegal;
  • Ensure all information inserted in N-OC (system) is accurate, precise, and legal;
  • Ensure that all ad-hoc and ACMI requests from commercial departments or clients are processed and coordinated as soon as possible;
  • You will assist Crew Control Officers in all daily crew operations work, decision making, cooperating with crew planning specialists, Crew pre-operations Officers, and Crew Travel Officers;
  • You will make all necessary arrangements and use all available communications to fulfill operational needs (e.g., calling crew members out of stand-by, etc.);
  • You will check FDP and minimum and available Crew needed for ad-hoc flights;
  • You will coordinate information with the Client Company regarding Crew legality for the period agreed. Follow Crew names, surnames, flight numbers, and dates in cooperation with client information;
  • Ensure that Cabin Crew rosters from client companies are received and inserted in N-OC (system);
  • Ensure complete and precise information flow between shifts and departments;
  • Fulfill other duties instructed by the Direct Manager;
  • Report any non-conformity to the Direct Manager;
  • The Deputy of Crew Control Shift Lead is Crew Control Officer


  • Previous work experience in the aviation industry is a must;
  • University graduates who started higher education will be considered as an advantage;
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking;
  • Good planning skills that go along with proper time management and flexibility;
  • You are able to identify problems and solve them quickly and efficiently;
  • Mature and stress-resistant personality with good communication skills;
  • Good MS Office skills;
  • Excellent English (both written and spoken).