Cabin Base Supervisor 2023 (Internal)

  • Full-time
  • Cabin Ops

SMARTLYNX AIRLINES CREWING OU is looking for enthusiastic Cabin Base Supervisor for Summer Season 2023.

Our group airlines specialize in full-service ACMI aircraft lease services and are acknowledged ACMI, cargo, and charter providers in the EU on Airbus A320, A321, A330, and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

From year to year they are growing - in fleet size, block hours, team members, and number of awards. 


•      At least 1-year experience as SCCM;

•      Able to actively listen and pass on information accurately and confidentially;

•      Able to give and receive verbal and written feedback to/from Crew members;

•      Willing to follow clear guidelines and instructions and ask when unsure;

•      Able to communicate through the correct chain of command; 

•      Knows and applies the correct procedures of SmartLynx and keeps updated with any changes;

•      Has good organization skills and always look for possible improvements;

•      Team driven, motivated, disciplined and an excellent role model;

•      Has strong interpersonal and communication skills;

•      Effective report writing skills;

•      Good IT skills.

Main duties:

• To provide support to the Cabin Crew at the base from which they are currently operating (in regards to personal concerns, questions and welfare);

• To support and report to Cabin Operations Supervisor (COS) as directed (but not fulfilling operational functions);

• To welcome and assist new Crew members, coordinate uniform distribution and be a ‘role-model’ for their Team;

• To conduct base meetings and give performance feedback to individual crew members, if required 

• To communicate and liaise between the Crewmember and COS, brief the COS as appropriate;

• To promote the company’s culture and communicate its values to Cabin Crew;

• To perform other duties as per line manager’s instructions – (Cabin Crew Manager and/or COS);

• To fly as SCCM/Line Trainer;

• Cabin Base Supervisors may be assigned to support the set-up of a new base.

Please note that CV should be submitted in English.

Deadline for applications: February 13th, 2023 (until 10:00UTC)