Spring Developer: Java

  • FTC
  • Lagos

Who we are:

Seamfix Limited is on a quest within the next 9 more years (in line with our 10-year strategic objectives) to deliver value to 1 billion end customers, empower 10 thousand businesses, and build 1 thousand leaders. 

In Seamfix, we are extremely aware that there are endless possibilities if we can be one united people that speak the same creative language, create with the same image or picture of success, and work towards the same end goal hence, we are looking for one who is a team player, who will resonate deeply with our vision, speaks the same creative language and desires same or even bigger impact. 

We help organizations acquire and service a lot of customers digitally by seamlessly automating their onboarding and service delivery processes so that they can be more productive, make their customers happy, and boost their revenues. Our identity and essence are solving problems in a very seamless manner in line with our name; Seamfix is coined from the Seamless fixing of problems.


  • Doing thorough code reviews and ensuring high code quality is maintained with proper tests
  • Using sustainable coding patterns that can be easily enhanced and modified subsequently
  • Optimization for applications for utmost speed and scalability
  • Develop Java SpringBoot applications
  • Modifying designs and specifications of complex applications.
  • Analyzing code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability.
  • Working with the Engineering Manager to further clarify and fine-tune technical task requirements based on business requirements and software design
  • Effective collaboration with team members and stakeholders to deliver functional software
  • Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and technology developments
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing


  • Experience with Object-Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Work experience as a Senior Java Developer or similar role
  • Extensive experience designing, building, and testing SpringBoot applications
  • knowledge of static code analysis tools (e.g. sonar and PMD) for improving software quality
  • Experience with securing applications (Knowledge of OWASP is a plus)
  • Experience with building REST and SOAP services (knowledge of building reactive applications and GraphQL is a plus)
  • Experience with caching, queueing, and streaming systems like Active MQ, Kafka, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Docker/Container orchestration (Kubernetes) and cloud deployment/management with platforms like AWS and Azure
  • Extensive Experience with popular Java libraries and frameworks. (e.g. Hibernate, Vert. x)
  • Proficient in SQL and knowledge of SQL/NoSQL databases like Postgres, Oracle, and MongoDB and DB migration tools like Flyway