Junior PHP Developer

  • Full-time
  • Back-end


What we are looking for:

As a Backend Developer, you will join a team of developers working on company own products and services. Work is organized in teams (Devs, Devops QA, BA, etc.) and a mix of classical waterfall and agile practices used in managing projects and workload.


Required Experience:

PHP (1+ years), Symfony 5

Relational databases (MySQL)

Message brokers (i.e. RabbitMQ)

Design patterns and development principles

Code Quality Expectations:

Code security standards

Code architecture and development standards

OO design patterns

Code test coverage (unit & integration tests)

Clean & maintainable code


Soft skills expected:

A desire to grow, efficiently collaborate and become part of a big team with other team members.

Ability to work efficiently in a team as well as independently

Desire to share knowledge and best practices 


  • Exciting and challenging work in the fast-developing environment
  • Friendly, supportive & highly skilled team, constantly focusing on improving efficiency
  • Modern technology stack, service oriented architecture in the cloud
  • Unique and trending fintech & cryptocurrency industry
  • Product company that focuses on it’s product perfection