Front End Developer

  • Full-time
  • Tech
  • London



We are looking for a Front End Developer who wants to join our vibrant team and help us build amazing new tech. As a Front End Developer, you will possess enough skills to jump straight into the role and help us with building the next generation of our products. You will be part of a small team building tools and web apps using some of the latest technologies in the space to create useful data reporting applications, as well as other tools to enable our other teams to excel.

If you are interested in creating a user-friendly environment by writing reusable code and advancing your career, this position is for you.


Strong Experience

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • React
  • CSS / SCSS

Some Experience

  • ECMAScript 6 or above
  • Redux
  • git tools; command line / git managers / github

Strong Interest

  • Functional programming
  • TypeScript


Skills Required

  • Ability to work closely with our product team to build applications that solve business requirements
  • Drive to take full responsibility and ownership of tasks allocated, to deliver the best possible solution
  • Time management
  • A development approach that prioritises empathising with the needs of the users

Nice to have Skills:

  • Lodash
  • JSON
  • Create React App / Next.js
  • Prettier
  • ESLint
  • Chart.js
  • D3
  • Husky
  • Codecov



  • Building complex applications that can handle big data from reusable components
  • Working with the product design team to create responsive, intuitive and useful software
  • Refactoring and improving existing components
  • Writing clean and clear code that can be easily understood and maintained
  • Understanding where performance is a pain point and optimising for speed in these use cases
  • Collaborating with back end and product design teams through workshops and meetings to coordinate the final result in the front end
  • Following feedback from users to build more useful software
  • Writing documentation, mostly in comments and occasionally other tools such as confluence
  • Feeding back on design mockups and building quick, disposable prototypes
  • Working with backend developers to define endpoint requirements
  • Ensuring high-quality visual standards and brand consistency
  • Keeping up to date with evolving technologies


About you:

  • Fun and friendly personality
  • Good communicator and team player
  • 2+ years of experience
  • Loves to write clean and tidy code

We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional who is curious about new digital technologies and wants to combine usability with visual design. You should be able to create a functional and attractive digital environment for our company, ensuring a great user experience.