Additional Command Upgrade Course for A320 SmartLynx pilots (Internal)

  • Full-time

Dear Pilots,


We invite you to apply for the ADDITIONAL Command Upgrade Courses for SmartLynx Airlines A320 fleet.


The candidate must have:

  • an EASA Member State issued ATPL(A) license (CPL(A) with ATPL Theory not accepted)
  • a valid EASA Member State issued Class 1 Medical Certificate;
  • total flight experience of 3000 hours total time which includes 500 hours as Co-pilot on the A320 OR 2000 total hours as Co-pilot on the A320

If interested, please attach your CV and Cover letter below.

Please ensure that your CV includes the following details:

- your SmartLynx 3 letter code

- your start date with SmartLynx (if multiple Agreements - then start date of 1st Agreement)

- your total flight time at the time of application

- your total flight time on the A320 at the time of application

We are looking forward to receiving your applications by February 15th, 2023.