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Betby is on the hunt for an exceptional IT Project Management professional who possesses a wealth of experience in the world of product iGaming or gamebling IT companies. Join our esteemed Product Team and unlock a realm of limitless possibilities where your expertise will shape the future of our organization.


  • Harness your extensive project management experience in product companies to lead our cutting-edge initiatives. Your expertise in navigating the software development life cycle will be the driving force behind our successful projects, ensuring seamless execution and outstanding results
  • Showcase your exceptional ability to establish effective communication channels between customers and development teams. Your keen understanding of project goals and tasks, coupled with your mastery of the principles of "Getting Things Done" (GTD), will enable you to bring tasks to completion with remarkable efficiency
  • Take charge of organizing meetings, skillfully analyzing outcomes, and synthesizing key takeaways. Your adeptness in summarizing discussions will ensure that valuable insights are captured, driving continuous improvement and enhancing project outcomes.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in orchestrating cross-functional working groups, leveraging diverse talents to achieve remarkable outcomes. Your ability to foster collaboration and cohesion will propel our teams to new heights of success, inspiring innovation and unlocking the full potential of our collective efforts
  • Leverage your in-depth product knowledge in the betting industry, underscoring your understanding of the fundamentals and principles that drive this dynamic domain. Your expertise will enable you to align our projects with industry trends and deliver solutions that surpass client expectations
  • Organize planning activities with finesse, drawing upon your experience in coordinating and conducting retrospectives. Your meticulous approach to task assessment and your ability to leverage appropriate methodologies will drive efficiency and ensure that projects stay on track
  • Showcase your proficiency in delivery management, with a deep understanding of organizing and maintaining task release cycles in a production environment. Your expertise in this crucial area will enable us to deliver high-quality solutions with precision and timeliness
  • Bolster your credentials with international certifications such as CAMP/PMP, further validating your exceptional project management skills and enhancing your professional profile


  • Assistance in organizing and conducting task planning in the areas of frontend, backend, QA (short-term for a sprint, long-term);
  • Close cooperation with the product team in terms of grooming tasks for the current sprint, reporting on progress in the implementation of epics/tasks of the annual roadmap;
  • Monitoring the implementation and execution of tasks by the development team, passing the testing stage from the beginning of planning to delivery to production;
  • Organizing the work of cross-functional temporary working groups, conducting the process of their functioning, the ability to complete their functioning and summarize their activities (retrospectives);
  • Close cooperation with team leaders in the process of assessing tasks, drawing up a plan for their implementation in the short / medium term, including decomposition of tasks, where it is necessary;
  • Carrying out resource planning for the nearest sprint and in the medium term

assistance in organizing and conducting releases in production;

  • Assistance in identifying problematic aspects of the functioning of frontend, backend, QA, other departments of the product company, initiative in solving problematic moments.


  • Operational stacks: slack, strong knowledge of jira cloud and different pluggins to it, capacity tracker, Wiki
  • Basic knowledge of client-browser architecture (with the aim of creation / description of tasks)
  • Will be benefit: СI, gitlab basic knowledge


Join our dynamic product company and experience a recruiting process like no other — one that is both timesaving and highly efficient.

Why choose us? Here’s what we offer:

  • Comprehensive health insurance to ensure your well-being
  • Enjoy the peace of mind with 100% paid sick leaves
  • Еmbrace the future of payment options with the ability to receive your salary in crypto
  • Fuel your professional growth with access to extra education opportunities
  • Recharge and relax with a generous 20 working days of paid vacation and additional days off
  • We’ve got your back if you’re ready to relocate — receive full support throughout the process
  • Be part of a vibrant international team united by a shared passion for excellence in product development
  • Enhance your language skills with language courses tailored to your needs
  • Unleash your inner adventurer with fantastic corporate events and team buildings
  • Experience optimal productivity and comfort with the best new hardware for your job
  • Rest assured with our welfare program, providing financial support in critical situations
  • Celebrate life’s milestones with gifts for significant events such as marriage, childbirth, and more
  • Join us today and unlock a world of opportunities in a company that truly values its employees


  • Engaging 25-minute call with a Recruiter: an exciting first connection to ensure perfect alignment of expectations from both sides
  • Technical task
  • In-depth 120-minute call with our CTO and PM: Delve into your experience, address your queries, and unlock new insights
  • Empowering 60-minute call with our esteemed CPO and Head of HR: Explore your goals, chart your professional growth, and envision an inspiring future together


Welcome to the world of Betby, where excellence meets innovation in the realm of iGaming. We proudly stand as an award-winning and rapidly expanding company, captivating the industry with our exceptional sports betting software platform. Esteemed by bookmakers worldwide, our bespoke solution boasts unrivaled risk management and comprehensive omni-support. With millions of players, hundreds of sports, and thousands of markets and outcomes, each bet unravels a captivating tale.

Our Team: Fueling Passion, Forging Success.

At Betby, we embody the spirit of sports passion, empowering our team with cutting-edge technologies and unwavering business acumen. Together, we push boundaries, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Where Innovation Thrives: Our Global Presence.

With our main offices nestled in the vibrant locales of Riga, Latvia, and Silema, Malta, Betby offers not only a stimulating work environment but also exciting opportunities for long-term business trips and seamless relocation.

However, geographical boundaries need not hinder your journey to greatness. We extend our hiring reach across borders, ensuring that a fervent desire to elevate your skills and a computer are the only prerequisites. Rest assured, we provide all the necessary equipment to fuel your success.

Join Betby today and embrace a world of limitless possibilities, where your aspirations take flight, and your potential knows no bounds.


Join our extraordinary Betby family, where we’re not just coworkers, but a tight-knit group of passionate professionals united by our unwavering dedication to crafting the most exceptional B2B gaming betting products. Together, we form a bond built on support, trust, and whole-hearted fun!

Our mission? To revolutionize online gaming, making it effortlessly enjoyable for all. No mountain is too high for us to conquer; Betby fearlessly embraces every challenge that comes our way. We thrive on quick decision-making, agile technologies, stable business practices, and above all, the sheer joy of working as a team.

With a potent blend of boundless creativity, cutting-edge technologies, and an unyielding work ethic, we fearlessly march into the future with our heads held high. This isn’t mere small talk—our achievements speak volumes. Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself!

The Betby team eagerly awaits your arrival. Join us today and become a part of something extraordinary. Welcome to Betby, where dreams become reality!

 Betby team is waiting for you :)


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