Head of Audio Technology

  • Full-time
  • Audio and RnD
  • Šmerļa street 3, Riga, Latvia


Sonarworks is a globally leading audio technology company. Our team is behind the precision audio software used by Grammy-Award winning producers in over 50,000 professional recording studios in the world. We are market technology leaders in DSP, audio device calibration and sound personalization, working with headphone, smartphone, speaker, TV, laptop and car product verticals. 

Sonarworks unique approach is data driven sound technology. We have the world's largest data set on sound personalization and device calibration. Read more about our team and other job openings here.


Head of Audio Technology serves as the central person responsible for development of audio technology, application of existing audio technology and product testing in relation to audio. Audio technologies at Sonarworks are heavily data driven, thus Audio technology lead drives data requirements and analysis for audio and research goals.


  • Lead RnD and Audio teams:
  • Define roadmaps, goals and priorities, follow up on their execution
  • Hire, develop and retain team members
  • Manage teams' budget
  • Create and implement long- and short-term strategy in terms of technological growth
  • Propose, implement and support new technological solutions that improve our products (both Pro and Consumer)
  • Develop necessary processes and define quality standards
  • Design research and audio testing methodologies
  • Drive Sonarworks efforts to publish academic papers
  • Represent Sonarworks at academic and professional events
  • Manage Sonarworks' patent portfolio
  • Align and agree on priorities with product departments
  • Ensure research processes and decision-making is data driven


  • Education in audio engineering or related field at least at Masters level (PhD is preferred) 
  • Excellent English language skills (verbal and written)
  • Experience in leading a team and cross-functional collaboration (at Sonarworks you will have a team of at least 9 people)
  • Successful track record in audio-related product development 
  • Proficiency in data science, psycho acoustics and acoustics
  • Publications in audio related fields
  • Experience with scientific method based research
  • Strong analytical and communication skills with an eye for detail


  • Opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary start-up changing the music industry
  • Work environment with lots of opportunities to implement your own ideas into actionable plans
  • Responsive team, capable of rapid development, implementation and testing of new concepts
  • Flexible working hours and location
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance