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MCC Engineer @ SmartLynx Airlines

Terms & conditions


When you apply for a position your personal data is collected and processed during the recruiting and hiring process.

The following categories of your personal data are collected, processed, and maintained in connection with your application during the hiring process and beyond in case you are accepted for the position:

  • Your personal details;
  • Data you submit in CVs, motivation letters or other written materials;
  • Data generated by Recruitment team, based on their interactions with you;
  • Recommendations provided on your behalf by others;
  • Documentation required under immigration laws (when applicable);
  • Data about your prior work experience, education, and criminal records or other data revealed during background screenings;
  • Data generated by your participation in assessments. You will receive more information about such assessments before your participation in any of them.

It is not mandatory to provide any requested information but failing to do so may result in not being able to continue your candidacy for the position for which you have applied.


By submitting your information, you acknowledge that it is true, accurate, and complete. Any misrepresentation of fact given in the application is ground for refusal for the position.