Sales Operations Associate

  • Full-time
  • Sales
  • London


Sales Operations Associate, London. is looking for a Sales Operations Associate to join the team in their London HQ. In this role, you will be a key cog across the lead gen, sales and pre-sales departments that keeps the overall sales wheel turning. You’ll be responsible for everything from lead management and sales strategy, sales process optimisation, compensation plans, sales automation and training through to data analytics and reporting.

The ideal candidate for this role will have key interpersonal and leadership skills. You understand sales methodologies, what drives sales behaviour, and how sales processes work. By applying all of your experience to the above, the successful candidate will be delivering new clients to the business that have long-term value and impact.


Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the lead gen, sales, and pre-sales processes within our CRM system are up to date and optimised to increase efficiency of new business.
  • Ensuring there is clarity across the sales funnel and across all of its departments, producing high-quality output and seeing new clients through to completion and enablement.
  • Collecting and analysing data across the sales function in order to improve the sales process, By measuring and evaluating sales data you’ll determine the effectiveness of a product, sales process, or campaign and implement positive change.
  • Forecasting future sales and reporting on the future goals and needs of the sales department to the wider business and to senior management.
  • Overseeing the lead generation aspect of the business, ensuring that incoming leads are handled and directed to the correct sales member in the most efficient way possible.

To be effective in this role you should:

  • Have experience in a sales operations role within a SaaS company.
  • Hold excellent leadership experience and competent knowledge of lead generation and pre-sales departments.
  • Be comfortable working autonomously in a fast-paced, fast-growing environment - at times working on initiatives beyond the scope of your core role.
  • Excel in data analytics and reporting. 
  • Be a strong user of CRM systems, understanding how they are used, and what it means to the sales teams and wider departments.
  • Be well organised, meticulous and analytical.
  • Be a real believer in Data-driven results.

You'll be working closely with our Head of Business Development, and will be responsible for designing and implementing systems and processes to enable the commercial team to move more quickly as we grow our sales volumes and team size. You'll be working on practices that support us as we scale, becoming an expert in our internal tools. We're highly ambitious, and we hope that you are too. You're likely to be a fast learner, curious, and able to identify how and where improvements can be made.