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SmartLynx Airlines Estonia is hiring a highly skilled and dedicated individual to join our team as an NP Flight Operations for our Estonian AOC. This is a unique and challenging opportunity to advance your career in aviation. As an NPFO, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of our Estonian fleet, maintaining strict compliance with aviation regulations, and fostering alignment with our sister companies.

Safe Fleet Operations: Oversee and ensure the safe and efficient operation of SmartLynx Estonia's aircraft fleet, implementing best practices and safety measures to protect passengers, crew, and assets.

Regulatory Compliance: Maintain rigorous adherence to aviation regulations and standards, proactively identifying and addressing compliance issues while mitigating risks.

Collaborative Leadership: Work closely with the Chief Pilot A320 and the Technical Pilot, fostering effective teamwork, and providing guidance and support to maintain operational excellence.

Reporting and Accountability: Report directly to the General Director of Flight Operations (GDFO), providing timely and accurate updates on operational activities and compliance efforts.

Audits and Regulatory Engagement: Conduct audits, participate in meetings with the Estonian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and engage in regulatory discussions to ensure alignment and foster positive relationships.

Inter-Company Coordination: Facilitate coordination between SmartLynx Estonia and sister companies in Riga and Malta, utilizing online meetings and travel when necessary to strengthen operational synergy.


Regulatory Compliance: Demonstrated ability to meet and uphold the requirements of ORO.AOC.135, with a thorough understanding of aviation regulations and a commitment to maintaining strict compliance.

A320 Type Rating: Hold a valid A320 type rating, showcasing proficiency in the operation of A320 aircraft.

Aviation Law Knowledge: Possess a deep and current knowledge of aviation law, with the capability to interpret and apply legal principles and standards to ensure full regulatory compliance.

NPFO CAA Interview: Successfully passed the NPFO CAA interview, reflecting the capacity to handle the significant responsibility associated with this role.

*Please note that Enhanced Background Checks will be conducted on all applicants and restrictions that can suspend the process of employment in accordance with EU 2015/1998 and the Law on Aviation Article 57.1 will be additionally evaluated. By applying to this job advertisement, the applicant takes full responsibility for declaring truthful information. In case, if information submitted is discovered false or the Enhanced Background Check result is returned negative, participation in the recruitment process will be terminated.


  • Opportunity to work with aviation experts;
  • Advantages of working in a developing, international aviation company with a friendly, modern, and comfortable work atmosphere;
  • Business travel and accommodation are provided by SmartLynx;
  • Aviation industry-related benefits;
  • Corporate & Social events;
  • Professional and personal development opportunities while working in a fast-developing multicultural environment.