Head of Front-End Development

  • Full-time
  • Front End

The role

We are looking for a passionate Head of Front-End Development to help us shape the development direction of front-end B2B and B2C apps in the company, as a key member of our technical leadership team.

What you will do

  • You will be hands-on writing code, not only proofs-of-concept, but anything that you consider you should be hands-on.
  • You will mentor other team members, and they will have you as a reference and someone to learn from.
  • You will own the front-end technical roadmap, keep technical debt under control, and maintain a healthy ecosystem around modern front-end technologies.
  • You will lead architectural decisions, communicate with and help teams to adopt the decisions.
  • You will be frequently challenged with design and front-end architectural problems. You will lead the implementation of rich, interactive user interfaces that provide great experiences for customers.

In one month

  • You will have completed your onboarding.
  • You will already know the whole frontend team.
  • You will have deployed several times to production.
  • You will have joined the main architectural discussions that we have regarding front-end technologies.
  • You will know the main product areas, and you already know who to ask when you have any product-related question.

In three months

  • You will already know all the processes and tools in depth.
  • You will know the architecture in detail, and you will be in the process of improving certain parts. By then, you will have clear areas you would like to improve and lead the adoption of those improvements.
  • You will have led a successful project, be it a product feature, a technical debt reduction, a DX improvement, etc... achieving the expected result and with total technical independence.

In six months

  • You will have become a reference within the team in everything related to the front-end ecosystem.
  • Your leadership and your work will have helped us to migrate our B2B apps to PWA and greatly improve product performance and user experience. 
  • You will have a clear technical roadmap, planned for next 12 months, for all Front end apps, improved architecture and development processes/guidlines, synced with Architect and other Backend teams to ensure that all dependencies are known and planned and can be executed by PMO. 

About you

  • You have at least 5 years of commercial experience in architecting, designing and building client facing PWAs, maintaining and enhancing them successfully in production, with at least 100k visitors a month from various regions. 
  • You have experience leading transformation/migration from regular web apps to PWAs
  • You have excellent knowledge of TypeScript and modern JavaScript (ES6+), 
  • You have solid experience with the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vite, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
  • You have proven experience with SEO requirements and Web Vitals (Google Pagespeed) getting your apps to Green state for Desktop and Mobile browsers. 
  • You have proven experience with modern front-end technologies and their ecosystem. You don't get lost in the increasingly complicated modern fronted roadmap https://roadmap.sh/frontend.
  • You have a solid understanding of JavaScript's concurrency model and event loop.
  • You are skilled at building and testing (e.g., unit testing, automated end-to-end testing) single page web apps and HTTP APIs.
  • You have demonstrated experience in a technical leadership role, providing guidance and direction to other developers, driving technical decision-making within an engineering team.
  • You have an intrinsic bias towards simplicity, and a constant willingness to simplify complex systems.
  • You have a solid software development background, you are familiar with modern and scalable software development practices, and a good understanding of scalability patterns.
  • You are used to writing modular, testable and extensible code, independently of the framework of the day.
  • Performance & Maintainability is a top priority for you.
  • You like to explore new technologies and are curious about how things work.
  • You have the ability to communicate clearly and empathetically, especially in writing and documentation, ADRs and guidelines.
  • You have experience creating high-quality software balanced with a pragmatic understanding of how to make appropriate tradeoffs (e.g., reduce scope) to ship quickly and iterate when necessary.


  • You practice DevOps (docker, TF, gitlab pipelines), when you have developed a frontd app, you know how to (and you want to) deploy it to the production environment.
  • You have experience designing public APIs as well as working with BFF (REST, gRPC, etc... )
  • You are a nerd like we are, you love what you do, and you want to enjoy your work while building something important.


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