Compliance Officer

  • FTE
  • Seamfix
  • Lagos

Who we are:

Seamfix Limited is on a quest to within the next 9 more years (in line with our 10 year strategic objectives) to deliver value to 1 billion end customers, empower 10 thousand businesses and build 1 thousand leaders.


In Seamfix, we are extremely aware that there are endless possibilities if we can be one united people that speak the same creative language, create with the same image or picture of success and work towards the same end goal hence, we are looking for one who is a team player, who will resonate deeply with our vision, speaks the same creative language and desires same or even bigger impact.


We help organizations to acquire and service a lot of customers digitally by seamlessly automating their onboarding and service delivery processes, so that they can be more productive, make their customers happy and boost their revenues. Our identity and essence is solving problems in a very seamless manner in line with our name; Seamfix is coined from Seamless fixing of problems.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop and review company policies. Ensure agreed standard procedures and processes are being followed. Following the life cycle of change in practices as they happen and ensuring relevant process and procedures documents are updated accordingly
  • Create corporate awareness of all compliance and regulatory documentations of the company which includes policies, procedures and process documentations. Facilitate orientation programmes for new staff, organize knowledge sharing and development sessions for the company at regular intervals to shed light on new relevant documents or major modifications to existing documents, etc.
  • Carry out gap analysis between corporate current state and desired state (across all departments) based on company’s documentation. Identify gaps in practice, develop gap treatment plans, execute gap treatment plans to ensure corporate practices are in alignment with desired expectations.
  • Carry out risk assessments and audit exercises. Identifying vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities for improvements. Executing risk mitigation and treatment plans. Managing risks within acceptable levels
  • Drive and facilitate action of risk managers, business units, product managers, and IT personnel in executing all required or recommended actions needed to ensure or maintain compliance. Working with the senior management to advice on appropriate disciplinary measures for defaulters and ensuring disciplinary actions are taken where necessary
  • Develop accurate reports for your team to give visibility on the compliance performance and status of the company across different indices

What you will be needing:=

  •  2-3 years proven experience in a compliance/IT governance role
  • Lead Implementer certification or Lead Auditor certification on at least 1 ISO
  • Brilliant oral and written communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law would be an added advantage. Otherwise, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or a related field would be acceptable

What you will be getting:

●       Competitive Compensation

●       Laptop for work

●       Health Insurance

●       Employers pension contribution

●       Flexible and hybrid work culture

●       Work with really smart people