Software Architect

  • FTC
  • Seamfix
  • Lagos

Who we are:

Seamfix Limited is on a quest to within the next 9 more years (in line with our 10 year strategic objectives) to deliver value to 1 billion end customers, empower 10 thousand businesses and build 1 thousand leaders. So far, we have delivered value to over 200 million end customers and about 1 thousand businesses however, we want to massively scale up this impact to ensure over 10 thousand businesses are empowered to do more and achieve more daily - these businesses will be empowered to be more successful and create wealth for their dependents because we dared to exist!

In Seamfix, we are extremely aware that there is endless possibilities if we can be one united people that speak the same creative language, create with the same image or picture of success and work towards the same end goal hence, we are looking for one who is a team player, who will resonate deeply with our vision, speaks the same creative language and desires same or even bigger impact. 

We help organizations to acquire and service a lot of customers digitally by seamlessly automating their onboarding and service delivery processes, so that they can be more productive, make their customers happy and boost their revenues. Our identity and essence is solving problems in a very seamless manner in line with our name; Seamfix is coined from Seamless fixing of problems.

What you will be doing:

  • Deliver ‘ahead-of-time’ design and architecture of new software features and modifications
  • Develop and manage design documents using the company’s designated tools such as IcePanel and DBDiagram
  • Provide oversight on the engineering team’s delivery of designed features
  • Coordinate design sessions with the Engineering Manager and Service Owner
  • Coordinate Design Assurance sessions as part of the change management process
  • Contribute occasionally to software implementation by taking on a few story points within an engineering sprint
  • Represent the engineering team at key stakeholder engagements where technical product/project details might be queried
  • Provide secondary support for incident management
  • Coordinate corrective version implementation regarding defective software

What you will be needing:

  • Diploma or Bachelor degree in computer science or related field
  • Certification in AWS Solutions Architect (Professional) or TOGAF is a strong advantage
  • Minimum of 5 years professional experience developing backend software solutions with Java AND any of NodeJs, C#, or Scala.
  • Practical understanding of developing frontend software and mobile solutions
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases like Postgres and MongoDB
  • Excellent understanding of data structures and proficiency in data modeling
  • Excellent understanding of the precepts of cloud native development
  • Excellent understanding of the concept of event driven development as well as other design patterns which can be employed for use in a distributed systems environment
  • Proficiency in the use of virtual machines and containers for deploying software

What you will be getting:

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Laptop for work
  • Employee Stock Option Plan
  • Health Insurance
  • Employers pension contribution
  • Flexible and remote work culture
  • Work with really smart people