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Business Process project manager

  • Full-time
  • Kenya

You will do :


  • Mapping processes to understand real-life approach vs theoretically best possible approaches
  • Identifying gaps in process execution;
  • Redesigning and improving processes  across all business functions
  • Implementing Ad-hoc projects to solve specific business problems
  • Improving efficiency in all business processes by continuously adjusting and implementing changes
  • Act as a liaison between the local team and HQ in Europe

You will need:

  • Willing to relocate to Africa and have an amazing experience and adventure
  • Ability to build, describe, visualize and implement processes & workflows
  • Performance-oriented business thinking (setting KPIs, ensuring data is provided for end users to work with KPIs)
  • Analytical and data-driven person (basic SQL knowledge would be considered as advantage)
  • Project management skills
  • High sense of responsibility, preciseness, ability to plan and set priorities;
  • University degree in Finance, Economics or Business administration would be an advantage;
  • 2-4 years previous experience in consulting, finance, project management, business administration, or similar position;
  • Hands-on approach and "getting things done" mindset

What we offer:


  • Intelligent team
  • Open feedback culture
  • Opportunity for personal development
  • Team with people from 3 continents with the possibility to work, travel or live in 14 different markets


  • impact fast without bureaucracy
  • Transparency on company results and goals 
  • Results-oriented bonus
  • Possibility to receive share options
  • Celebrate victories
  • Support from a professional international team

Feel good:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Housing and travel allowance 
  • Private medical insurance
  • Great opportunity to participate in building up business
  • Enjoy Kenya