A320 Type Rating Course for experienced pilots

  • Full-time
  • ATO


SmartLynx is an EU-based airline, with headquarters in Riga, Latvia, and two subsidiaries in Estonia and Malta.

We are an acknowledged ACMI, charter and cargo provider on Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus A320, A321, and A330 aircraft.

From year to year we are growing - in fleet size, block hours, team members, and a number of awards.


Our Training Centre provides type rating courses for the Airbus A320 series to 60-70 cadets each year with the addition of new B737 MAX Type Rating course. The Centre's core philosophy is to equip cadets with the aviation and commercial knowledge needed for today's professional environment. Their achievements are our best recommendation and later on majority of the graduates get to build their pilot career with SmartLynx Airlines.


SmartLynx A320 Type Rating course covers Ground Course (9 days in the virtual classroom followed by 1 day of testing in the classroom), Cockpit System Simulator with (FTD), Full Flight Simulator (FFS), Skill Test and ZFTT session. Ground training is delivered as distance learning, followed by Simulator training and tests in one of our facilities. Completion of the full course takes around 6 weeks.


1.      Minimum 18 years;

2.      Valid EASA Member State issued ATPL (A) license;

3.      Valid multi-engine instrument rating (A);

4.      ATPL (A) or CPL (A) and theoretical knowledge equal to requirements for the issue of ATPL (A);

5.      EASA Class 1 medical certificate;

6.      At least 70 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes;

7.      500 hours or 100 route sectors experience on Multi-pilot aircraft types;

8.      ICAO level 4 knowledge of the English language;

9.      All document scans must be provided in PDF format. JPG or other formats will not be accepted.

Please note:

  • Pilot Logbook: PDF scan of last 3 pages of logbook (open logbook 2 pages x 3) should be provided.
  • According to SmartLynx Airlines' internal procedures, we also kindly ask you to fill in our KYC (Know Your Client) and Client Declaration forms printed and signed with wet ink and provide a document proving your address (no more than 3 months old) in the document upload section below.
  • In addition kindly request you to fill in consent form for ID picture & address information that would be used for training purposes and upload as a PDF file.

The forms can be downloaded via the following link:  https://smartlynx-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/emi_smart-lynx_com/EtfpPgrw6ixBjCOIdf5eY7wB8sLZLiXmsygaAH4ZzHg-zw?e=hvWsjU


  • Opportunity to build your career at SmartLynx Airlines
  • A no-travel requirement for the ground part of the course due to the Distance learning platform
  • Single Type Rating to fly all the variants of the same aircraft series A320
  • Training for pilots with different backgrounds and previous experience
  • Education in accordance with internationally recognized airline training standards
  • Highly qualified and professional training staff.