Handyman - Maintenance (Talentpool)

  • Full-time
  • Maintenance
  • Cape

Please note this is a Talentpool for future vacancies. Should this role become available and your profile is found suitable we will be in touch.

Job description

The Park Handyman role functions to perform maintenance tasks and assist to ensure effective and efficient maintenance of the Park, including support and assistance to Park Manager and Maintenance Manager at various properties as required.




Park Maintenance

  • Ensure the facilities of the Park/s are running efficiently and attend to any maintenance tasks required timeously
  • Attend to all building maintenance requirements and repairs as required; including but not limited to:
  • Assembling, moving, and repairing of furniture and equipment
  • Gutter repairs and clearing
  • Plumbing fixes maintenance, including installing of washers, replacing of taps, and unblocking of drains
  • Basic electrical installations, repair and maintenance
  • Carpet installations, repairs, and replacements
  • Footpath and landscaping maintenance
  • Painting of walls, furniture and other structures and decor installation
  • Assist with rebuilding and dry-wall repairs and installations
  • Maintaining property exteriors attending to various seasonal requirements
  • Clearing and cleaning of general areas, including high-pressure cleaning and removing of rubble
  • Ensuring fixtures, fittings and appliances are repaired or replaced and remain operational
  • Identify and report on any major repair and maintenance requirements
  • Assist the Maintenance Manager with all maintenance and repairs requirements as needed, including on-site work at other Park


Park Cleaning

  • Perform routine cleaning of bins, and emptying and removing of building bins on refuse collection days
  • Perform routine cleaning of building exterior windows including boardroom and bathroom windows
  • Perform weekly maintenance and cleaning of the parking areas/garages
  • Perform routine cleaning and clearing of building stairwells, exterior spaces and lanes


Safety and Compliance

  • Perform all work related duties through adherence to health and safety guidelines
  • Ensure all equipment, tools, and items are used properly and safely according to instructions
  • Responsible for wearing/using the correct PPE per job performed


  • Must have previous Brick laying and Plastering experience
  • Must be a South African citizen