Ground Instructors 2023 (Internal)

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  • Crew Training

One way to diversify your aviation career would be to go into the training area of the industry and work as a Cabin Crew Ground Instructor. Cabin Crew Ground Instructors teach the trainees all they need to know about the operations in the aircraft cabins, safety, emergency procedures, first aid, but also the company’s policies, goals, and objectives to ensure that all cabin crew maintain a level of high standards in safety, customer service, and delivery.

SmartLynx Cabin Crew Ground instructor conducting examination for issuance of Cabin Crew Attestation shall be appropriately qualified as per minimum requirements below and free from conflict of interest.

The minimum requirements for Cabin Crew Ground Instructor position are

  • At least secondary education or college or equivalent;
  • At least 2 years previous experience as Senior Cabin Crew Member OR 3 years experience as Cabin Crew Member; 
  • Required expertise to pass the Instructional Techniques Course and other courses to be qualified as Instructor; 
  • Excellent knowledge of CRM to successfully pass interview; 
  • Great communication skills.

The main tasks to be performed

  • To conduct a part of initial, conversion, differences, refresher, recurrent, SCCM and Line Trainer training and checking;
  • To conduct aircraft familiarisation visits, familiarisation flights and/or line check flights for cabin crew and/or SCCM’s;
  • To make proposals for improving safety standards and efficiency in training and line operations;
  • To fill out training and checking forms in MINT

Deadline for application - February 20th, 2023