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Research Intern (The World Avatar Project)

  • Intern
  • Singapore


The World Avatar project intends to represent all aspects of the real world in a digital “avatar” world (digital twin) to create a large-scale cyber-physical system. This is being realised through the ontological representation of data in a knowledge-graph, combined with an eco-system of autonomously operating software agents that perform analysis on the data, extract new information from the data and update existing information when required. While the potential use cases of such a digital world are widespread, we are currently working on investigating the transformation of global energy systems, short-term impacts of emissions on air quality, recommending energy providers to end-users based on energy consumption profiles, providing novel tools for city planning or automatically performing lab experiments.

 The individual will work on a real-world sized project within all aspects of full stack software development, from designing programs, testing, and developing to deployment, collaborating with an interdisciplinary and multi-national team located around the globe.

The core responsibilities include:

1. Creating semantic representations of data, models and algorithms.

2. Developing computational agents that perform analysis, extract new information and update existing information in the knowledge graph.

The individual will acquire the following competencies:

1. Familiarity with state-of-the-art tools and practices for full-stack development, e.g. Git, Unit tests, Containerization (Docker).

2. Acquire and process data from different data sources, like databases or APIs.

3. Familiarity with terminology and concepts around Knowledge Graphs, and semantic representation of data.

4. Proficiency in Java which is widely used for robust enterprise software solutions.

5. Knowledge about communication protocols like HTTP which are used in many IoT or web-based applications.


Desirable skills:

The applicant should ideally have some understanding of object-oriented programming languages

(Java, Python).