Senior DevOps and Platform Engineer

  • FTC
  • Seamfix
  • Lagos

Who we are:

Seamfix Limited is on a quest to within the next 9 more years (in line with our 10 year strategic objectives) to deliver value to 1 billion end customers, empower 10 thousand businesses and build 1 thousand leaders. 

In Seamfix, we are extremely aware that there are endless possibilities if we can be one united people that speak the same creative language, create with the same image or picture of success and work towards the same end goal hence, we are looking for one who is a team player, who will resonate deeply with our vision, speaks the same creative language and desires same or even bigger impact. 

We help organizations to acquire and service a lot of customers digitally by seamlessly automating their onboarding and service delivery processes, so that they can be more productive, make their customers happy and boost their revenues. Our identity and essence is solving problems in a very seamless manner in line with our name; Seamfix is coined from Seamless fixing of problems.

What you will be doing

  • Continuous delivery automation for deployments on AWS using tools from AWS CodeSuite
  • Continuous delivery automation for on-premise deployments using Jenkins and Ansible
  • Log Analytics using AWS CloudWatch and/or the EFK stack (ElasticSearch, Filebeat, Kibana).
  • Application Monitoring using AWS CloudWatch, Nagios, or PRTG.
  • Measure and improve the performance, uptime, cost, stability, and other operational characteristics of our deployments (cloud and on-premise)
  • Play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of services
  • Define and support operational processes and enforce structure, including documentation, training and policies, escalations, RCSa, and post-mortems to ensure systems are well understood, work smoothly, and record gracefully in case of an unexpected failure
  • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack

What you will be needing

  • Solid understanding of AWS services such as Code Suite, EC2, ECS, ECR, CloudWatch, S3, ALB, etc. AWS certification in Solution Architecture, SysOps, or DevOps specialties is a plus.
  • Experience building scalable infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform. CloudFormation is an additional plus
  • Hands on experience hosting production systems on kubernetes. Competence using RedHat Openshift is a plus.
  • Active collaboration on Google Chat & Slack
  • An aspiration for core software engineering competencies to aid application of SRE best practices to products supported and to reinforce areas of automation

What we will be offering

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Laptop for work
  • Health Insurance
  • Employers pension contribution
  • Flexible and remote work culture
  • Work with really smart people